Nevaluz – Introduction

Nevaluz, blind, flyscreen and awning manufacturer.  We provide a wide range of fabrics, profiles and components that we manufacture from the raw material. Thanks to its strategically located installations in Spain, Portugal and South America, the Nevaluz Group controls the whole manufacturing process and makes our slogan become true: “Close to You”


Nevaluz Group is a multinational corporation dedicated to manufacture and distribution of blind, flyscreen and awning systems and components.  We do provide a wide range of products for window covering, sun protection and insect protection.

Since our foundation in Seville in 1987, our constant expansion process currently counts with 65.000 square meters of installation, strategically located in Valencia, Portugal, Mexico and Peru.   Over 200 professionals work for you over the world in order to comply with our slogan: “Close to you”.

Nevaluz Window Covering

 Keeping the full vertical integration of our production enables us to work the raw material and manufacture all our profiles and components, which increases our autonomy, cost optimization and efficiency on manufacturing as we consequently decrease the amount of subcontractors.  From the aluminium smelting, billet casting, extrusion, to plastic injection, powder coating and anodizing, CNC milling, we bring the guaranty of quality with the ISO 9001, AENOR and IQNET labels, and the QUALICOAT and CE marks.

All products are manufactured in Spain, which brings you the best quality that complies with all current norms and ethical and sustainable development procedures.

Melgar Rollr Blind Nevaluz

Nevaluz has revolutionized the market while being the only manufacturer using aeronautic and automotive technology for parts machining, and using the ultimate generation of computerized numerical control centres (CNC).  Futurist technologies to cover the current market.

Nevaluz Introduction R+T Stuttgart

Our international logistic is strategically structured in order to deliver all orders directly anywhere in the world.  Nevaluz Valencia is located at the port of Valencia (main port in Spain, with maritime routes established with Nevaluz Mexico and Nevaluz Peru).


We ship approximately 15.000 tons every year by road, sea and air and count with customers in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

Window covering, technical shades and blinds is part of the core business of the Nevaluz Group.  In our catalogue, we provide the classical range of blinds such as venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds and panel tracks. We also provide more exclusive sate-of-the-art blind systems such as the Melgar, Ventex and Nevaflex roller blinds.

NevaFlex Roller Blind Nevaluz



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